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What’s the deal with The Credit Pros?

Most credit repair services charge a monthly fee for removing errors from your credit report, but The Credit Pros works a little differently. With this service, you pay a start-up fee, then you pay for each derogatory item that is successfully removed from your credit report, with the option to pay for public records error deletions as well. It’s a decent option for those who already know how many errors are on their credit report, and only need to have a few removed. Otherwise, paying per item can get rather expensive, and its customer support representatives function more as a sales team, which users may find irritating.

The Credit Pros has some good components to make it a successful credit repair company, but the infomercial feel and aggressive sales tactics of the staff, in addition to the expensive fees and pricing, make it a tough choice when compared to some of the other top credit repair services.

The Credit Pros clearly has more good features to its services than drawbacks. The firm’s president is a Certified FICO Professional and there is a team of Certified FICO Professionals on hand for clients. In addition, The Credit Pros offers a free consultation and credit restoration ebook to potential clients. Combine these positive points with a 100% guarantee and The Credit Pros is a great option for credit repair services. The firm’s only big drawback is its high set-up fees.

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The Credit Pros




Credit Score & Reports


Monitoring & Tools


Plans and Pricing


Reputation & Support



  • One-on-One Action Plan With a Certified FICO© Professional
  • ID Theft Restoration and Insurance Included
  • Cease and Desist Letters to Collection Agencies
  • 24/7 Access to Your Client Portal
  • Unlimited Disputes


  • High Setup Fees
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