Unique Platinum 1212

Unique Platinum is a store merchandise card that prides itself on the fact that you will not be judged purely on your past credit history. Get your Unique Platinum Account Today!

That’s right, Unique Platinum prides its self on the fact that you will not be judged purely on your past credit history They understand that life doesn’t always turn out as planned, so Unique Platinum offers a second chance.

What are the advantages of being a Unique Card Services Cardholder?

As a Unique Card Services Cardholder you have purchasing power from the convenience of your home. The Unique Card Services Shopping Club offers a wide variety of brand name merchandise. Their Product Development team is constantly searching for new products to offer to their members. Our 0% interest policy makes buying over time easy and affordable. They are continuously working to provide the best possible value for their Unique Card Services Shopping Card Membership. Members regularly receive special offers on high quality items at great values. In addition, you may be invited to participate in low-cost, high value programs designed for our members.

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Unique Platinum





  • Fast, Secure Application
  • $1000 Merchandise Credit Line
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Low Monthly Repayments
  • No Interest on Purchases
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