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Quicken Loans is built for the “click here” generation, people who think doing business face-to-face is overrated. In fact, it famously describes the application process on its Rocket Mortgage interface as, “Push button. Get mortgage.”

Quicken Loans couples a fully online application with available mortgage advisors for those who want a human touch. This combination, along with the wide variety of loan products offered, helped Quicken become a leading national mortgage lender and the largest lender of Federal Housing Administration loans in the country.

Rocket Mortgage is Quicken’s online-only interface. Through the Rocket Mortgage website or mobile app, users can easily upload financial details and get a loan decision in minutes. With the same underwriting standards as Quicken Loans, Rocket gives users high-tech access to leading loan programs.

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Rocket Mortgage




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  • Provides full online service, including a mobile app, for application and loan tracking
  • Automated verification of income and other financial details cuts time and effort from the process
  • Gives a loan decision in minutes.
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