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In 2006 American Debt Enders was started as a company that would not only offer Free Credit Counseling, but also was among the first companies in the nation to use a unique business model of offering multiple debt relief programs and solutions under the same roof.

ADE is dedicated to helping people lead a debt free life. ADE currently offers non-profit Debt Consolidation, Debt Settlement, Credit Restoration and Free Telephone Bankruptcy Counseling, through our contractual agreements. As a counseling and enrollment company we operate as contractual affiliates and provide our credit counseling expertise. Our credit counselors are well equipped to provide you with guidance about these programs and your debt relief options in general, and how well suited your situation is for each of them. We have established relationships with the best companies. Your best solution may be something other than what we offer, and if so, we will gladly guide you in that direction.

American Debt Enders is a for-profit company, and not a direct provider of services. All of their credit counseling consultations are absolutely free, and without obligation or pressure. During the consultation they will thoroughly analyze your problem, map out an appropriate course of action and should you desire, enroll you in the suitable debt settlement, non-profit debt consolidation, credit restoration, or bankruptcy program, should you wish. Credit Counseling Consultations are done by phone, and enrollment into any debt consolidation, Debt Settlement and Bankruptcy, or Credit Restoration program can also be done over the phone.

Free consultations are offered where a company representative will connect financially burdened consumers under economic hardship to an affiliate program suitable for their situation. Through Peak Legal Advocates, clients will be matched up with a lawyer licensed to practice in their state of residence. This gives them leverage when it comes to negotiating with creditors as lawyers are typically held to a higher standard and are taken more seriously in the financial industry.

What’s good about American Debt Enders?

Clients are required to enroll at least $5,000 in unsecured debt such as credit cards, department store cards, medical bills, repossessions, or any other debt not tied to collateral. Their affiliate debt settlement programs were designed to help clients settle debts in 3 years or less, depending on the amount enrolled.

Clients are required to set up an escrow account where a predetermined monthly payment will be saved in order to accumulate enough to begin the negotiation process. The average client settles debts for about 55 percent of what they owe, with all fees included.

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American Debt Enders





  • Free consultation
  • Licensed lawyers to handle cases
  • Clients sign directly with attorney's
  • Education resources


  • Lack pricing transparency
  • Limited guarantees
  • No accredititations
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